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New guides, welcome packs, and methodologies in the Volkis Handbook

Posted on 2020-04-07 by Volkis in Volkis News

A couple of weeks ago we put up the Volkis Handbook. It is aimed at our customers, friends, employees, infosec colleagues and really anyone interested in the inner workings of Volkis.

More than this, it aims to form the core of Volkis and a key part of our philosophy as an organisation. We would like to be transparent, open, and honest. By showing what we do and the way we work, we hope that everyone will get to know us better and perhaps just learn a thing or two that they could do better as well.

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Volkis up and running!

Posted on 2020-03-24 by Volkis in Volkis News

Since the start we’ve had a remote-first philosophy and even with these troubled times we’re up and running providing penetration testing, security consulting, and strategy work. There are obviously a few things we can’t do for now such as internal penetration testing, physical intrusion, and onsite debriefs, but most of our services including external and web app penetration testing, red team, security strategy, and compliance are still running.

Given internal penetration testing is out we do have gaps in our schedule now, so if you have urgent penetration testing work please let us know.

In this post we thought we might give some updates on what we’ve been up to and some of our future plans.

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Volkis launches

Posted on 2020-02-06 by Volkis in Volkis News

$ chmod +x volkis
$ ./volkis -D

[+] Initialising Volkis...

     .       .
    /|       |\
   / |       | \
  |\ |       | /|
  | \|       |/ |
  |   \     /   |
   \    \ /    /
     \   |   /
       \ | /
    V O L K I S

[+] Launched Volkis!
[+] Randomly generating corporate launch message...

We are proud to be formally launching our dedicated information security consulting company, Volkis. Our new security consultancy will provide penetration testing, security assessment, red team, GRC, and training services at its core.

At Volkis we want to do better, finding more, helping our clients get better outcomes with a modular ecosystem of services. We will be providing services beyond what a penetration test normally includes, such as playing an active role in remediation, helping you with your compliance, testing your detection and response capability, and providing detailed security reviews for your business-critical services. From this you’ll be able to get a more fruitful result out of the original test and expand your field of vision.

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Welcome to the Volkis website!

Posted on 2019-12-04 by Volkis in Volkis News

Welcome to our new Volkis website!

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