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Working together to deliver on customer requirements

Volkis works with other organisations in the cyber security industry to expand capability and capacity.

We do what we love and have a strict focus on services from the hacker perspective. That means we stay out of products, security engineering, managed services, incident response, and network visibility. Organisations, however, need all of those things, and so we leverage our partner network to provide for our customers, and our partners use us to provide for their customers in penetration testing, cyber security advisory, consultancy, and strategy.


We keep things simple. Simple in working, in delivery, and in partnership. Rely on us for the full end-to-end engagement including scoping presales or simply leverage us for delivering high quality work. Either way, we’ll be clear, ethical, and easy in the way we work.


With Volkis you know what you’re going to get. We even publish our engagement guide, methodologies, and service catalogues straight in the Volkis Handbook.

Highest Quality

When we work together, we can each provide the services we’re most adept in, meaning clients receive the highest quality full suite of independent services and solutions.

Extend Your Team

Whether you need a specialist skillset or some help with an unexpected surge in projects, we’ll be an extension of your team.

Trusted 3rd Party

Volkis is a trusted brand for cyber security advisory, penetration testing, consulting and strategy. With our partner network you can leverage our brand with our partner pricing, allowing you to open a new revenue stream while providing quality without any conflicts of interest.

Whitelabel Services

We’re happy to whitelabel our services, and with our Report Ranger system we can adapt our automation and workflow to your business. Our promise with our whitelabel services is simple: we want to make you look good.

We understand the time and effort put into maintaining customer relationships. So we ensure you are able to maintain and build these relationships into the future.

Our Current Partners

RIOT Solutions
Intuit Technologies

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