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Adversary Simulation

The best defence is a good offence. See what your adversaries would do to your business with our Penetration testing, Red team and Social engineering services.

Modular Ecosystem

Penetration test not enough? Get better results and more visibility of your security using our modular services.

Security Strategy

Security requires more than just band-aid solutions. Put a plan in place for your security using our bespoke Security Strategy and Compliance services.

"It was honestly a 5 on everything. The team went above and beyond. They are stellar at communication, and I could really tell the team is passionate about what they do, which really gave us confidence. It's always good to work with a local business as well!"

Anonymous Author

Product & Data Compliance – Large software company

Open but secure

One of our core philosophies is to be open but secure. Infosec doesn't need to be in the shadows and it's important that clients and others understand how and why we do things. Transparency is a big deal and our Handbook is one way we achieve that.

Our Handbook is a place where staff, clients, partners, colleagues and anyone with interest can go and see the inner workings of Volkis. We try to publish anything that isn't confidential!

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Detailed technical write-ups on how we perform our penetration tests. Although each engagement is different, the methodologies are the high level processes based on industry standards and our own experiences.


Engagement Guide

The standard we hold our consultants to for every engagement we do. You can hold us to these standards of excellence.

Engagement Guide  

Independence Policy

We do independent penetration tests, but what does that actually mean? We explain what we believe to be independent and what crosses the line into being a conflict of interest.

Independence Policy  

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