Social Engineering

Test your users' security awareness

With Volkis social engineering exercises you can test the security awareness of your users, and incorporate the results into an ongoing security awareness programme.

Our social engineering capability includes:

  • Phishing attacks: We can send malicious emails to your users that will attempt to trick them into downloading software, providing credentials, or visiting a particular web site. Phishing attacks can be sent to a large number of users in a cost effective manner.
  • Vishing attacks (phone calls): We can test your employees or service desk to identify if they are likely to give out privileged information or credentials over the phone, or if they would be willing to undertake potentially damaging actions from an unknown source.
  • SMishing attacks (SMS): We can test your users’ abilities to detect a malicious text by sending SMS messages to their company phones. This text may instruct them to either download a malicious app or provide credentials.
  • Malicious USBs: We can provide malicious USBs that, when inserted into a user’s laptop or PC and executed, will call back to Volkis. This will test the likelihood of your users being tricked by a malicious attacker with physical access to your premises, or by someone who could send a USB stick through post.

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