Digerati Case Study

Digerati Solutions achieves robust security for their sports management application, Dash

With Volkis as their security partner, Digerati was able to address vulnerabilities, ensure robust security, and deliver peace of mind!

Digerati, founded in 2006, is a software and services company based in Sydney. Their sports management software, Dash facilitates school registration and consent for participation in sports competitions and carnivals. Dash also provides solutions for role management, results management, and online payments within the education environment.

The Challenge

Dash primarily helps government schools to combine all student data—personal as well as medical details—and that of their parents and teachers, in one place. With sensitive data stored in the application, there is a possibility of a leak and privacy being compromised. Hence, Digerati wanted to make the application secure, and ensure peace of mind for their clients as well as for their customers. For this, Digerati was looking for a cyber security partner that could provide them with resilience and protection against attacks. This is where Volkis was brought in.

Why Volkis

Digerati was looking for a security partner that had proven expertise and experience. Volkis came as a highly recommended cyber security provider from trusted industry sources. Digerati was impressed with Volkis’s methodology. The solution proposed by Volkis helped Digerati identify vulnerabilities in Dash and address them.

The Solution

Volkis’s approach was to first understand the application and the needs of the customer. After analysing the application and the purpose it was used for, the Volkis team proposed Penetration Testing as the solution.

Penetration testing from Volkis ensured that Digerati was aware of all potentially exploitable vulnerabilities that existed in Dash. The penetration testing report helped the Digerati team understand the risks. The report provided by Volkis was practical and actionable, and guided Digerati on how to remediate the vulnerabilities found in the Dash app.

The constant and open communication between the Digerati and Volkis teams over Slack was particularly useful for Digerati.

Some tools that were used in the process included BurpSuite, wpscan, nmap, and Nessus. These tools were use in conjunction with manual penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities that posed the most risk.

The Results

With Volkis’s approach towards application security, the client was able to detect some major vulnerabilities in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, and fix it before it went live. With this solution, Digerati saw the following outcomes.

  • Robust security for the Dash application, ensuring that the data stored in it was secure.
  • Warding off potential penalties, risks, and reputational loss that would have occurred in the event of a data leak, or any other security incidents.
  • Served as a process improvement exercise for Digerati to proactively eliminate similar vulnerabilities in the application development process.

“Volkis has a personalised approach towards tackling the app requirements and then providing the solution. And it really worked in our favour. Their processes and communications helped ease my mind, and increased my reliance on their team to ensure Dash’s security.”

Tim Faase
Technical Director at Digerati

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