Physical Intrusion

Protect your premises

Sometimes the easiest way to get access to your sensitive data is to simply walk in and take it. Volkis’ physical intrusion services will test your organisation to see if that is possible.

The services will first test the resilience of your access control and physical protection systems to see if they can be bypassed or broken. Can your passes be duplicated by someone standing next to them in the elevator? Can someone simply walk through a back door or open a window?

The consultant will then attempt to use social engineering techniques such as tailgating to gain physical access to the premises.

If access is gained, the consultant will collect evidence to see what can be gained from that physical access. Depending on the rules for the engagement, the consultant may take pictures of desks, access sensitive areas, or connect to the network using a laptop or a concealed network tap.

At the end of the engagement, the consultant will outline any weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations for improving the security of the physical premises. This could include improving access control, improving procedures and processes for handling entrants, or user education.

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