Hacker Origin Stories: Yianna Paris

Posted on 2023-04-14 by Volkis in Feature

Welcome back to Hacker Origin Stories! We’re excited to continue sharing personal experiences from professionals in the hacking and cybersecurity industry. Our goal is to highlight the diverse paths individuals take to get where they are today and motivate the next generation of hackers to join in.

In this instalment, we’ll be diving into the story of Yianna Paris. From retail to co-founder of a web development business to packaging designer to teaching assistant to security engineer. She’s here to share her story and inspire you with her journey.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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Hacker Origin Stories: Alexei Doudkine

Posted on 2023-02-23 by Alexei Doudkine in Feature

Welcome to the first episode of Hacker Origin Stories. We have started this series to create a space where professionals can share their own personal experiences about their journey into hacking and cybersecurity. The aim is to showcase the many different paths into the industry and inspire the next generation of hackers to carry the torch.

This origin story has been written by Volkis co-founder, Alexei Doudkine.

Let’s get into it.

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